Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Books I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Read

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created over at The Broke and the Bookish which I adore and therefore chose to adopt into my weekly blog posts!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday ‘s topic is actually “top ten authors I’d like to see on a reality show and which reality show,” but I don’t really watch reality tv and therefore thought my list would be rather boring. So instead I decided to go with one of the topics already done over at The Broke and the Bookish and one that will hopefully light a fire under my bottom to go and read these books ASAP.

ANYTHING by Neil Gaiman – Give me some recommendations, people. I know his awesomeness exceeds many but I have yet to witness it first hand!

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – I see this on so many lists every week and have yet to read it!

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll– Like some friends of mine, I have a problem reading books that I own. The bf actually bought me the annotated version for Christmas, I think he is trying to tell me something...

The Iliad by Homer – How this one has escaped me I’ll never know as I have written about the Odyssey more times than I can count.

The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon – Every single person who knows that I love Juliet Marillier tells me I need to read these authors. My mother bought me the first book YEARS ago and I still have yet to pick it up.

A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin – I am obsessed with the show and admittedly started book one and never finished. Not because it wasn’t awesome, because it was, but I had a hard time reading that one while reading others that needed to be reviewed and so forth. Summer break will be when I reinstate my love affair with Jon Snow.

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides – People are always appalled that I haven’t read this one but honestly it doesn’t really appeal to me. Someone change my mind?!

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss – Another book that those I trust tell me that I would absolutely adore!

Divergent by Veronica Roth – With all the hype this one is getting I can’t believe I was not one of those bloggers counting down to book two!

Shakespeare: The World as Stage by Bill Bryson – I am a little obsessed with Shakespeare so I can’t believe that I haven’t read this one yet!

What books are you surprised that you haven’t read yet?


  1. Ok do read TFiOS & Divergent. Get on it. I so need to read a Gaimen book also. Do the Outlander Read-a-long in June. I know Jess @ Gone With the Words is one of the hosts.

  2. I agree on Divergent, so you can know what all the fuss is about! I liked Gaimen's Stardust, LOVED his kid's book The Graveyard Book, and am currently listening to Anansi Boys (which is read by a brit! score!) and so far it is funny. Get cracking.

    Thanks for stopping by YAF and WS! happy to hear I am not the only one who beats themselves up about not finishing a book.

  3. In case you didn't notice when you were at my blog earlier, I'm hosting an Outlander read-a-long next month :)

    You have to read Divergent!

    I actually read Game of Thrones and felt accomplished once I finished it. I had problems reading it because of the length of course, plus I already new what happened because of the show.

  4. Don't feel alone - the only book I've read on this list is Alice in Wonderland, and that's only because my grandma had a little mini library when I was younger and it was in it. And she lived within walking distance from my house {a short enough trek that my parents would let me walk over there alone when I was as young as 6 or 7}. I just bought Divergent a few weeks ago, but I still haven't read it yet.

    I'd love it if you came and checked out My Top Ten.

  5. Great list. I was honored to hand out copies of The Book Thief for World Book Night 2012. It was so much fun.
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

  6. I can recommend Divergent but the rest I either haven't read or wasn't keen on.

  7. READ DIVERGENT LIKE RIGHT NOW! It was such an amazing book! I've been wanting to read Alice In Wonderland, but I just never got around to it. Great list/topic. Thanks for visiting mine! :)

  8. ...I can't believe you haven't read Neil Gaiman. I'm kind of shocked, and questioning our friendship, but I suppose I haven't yet read Marillier so WE'RE EVEN. For you, I suggest starting with Stardust. He's my all-time favorite author, and all of his mg/ya/adult is wonderful, but I'm thinking you'd like Stardust (YA) in particular.